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Island Cocktail Company knows the right beverage experience can enhance even the most simple events into something magical and unforgettable. That is why we are passionate about creating custom cocktails. It is not just about opening a bottle of wine, but telling a story through every sip.


We provide our clients with the beverage services they need to host a spectacular party of any size that will not be forgotten.

Whether it be a wedding, cocktail party, backyard BBQ, or a fundraiser we have your beverage needs covered.


Our beverage catering services are customizable for any size event and include the following:

Full-Service Beverage Catering

Beverage Consumption & Quantity Consultation

Alcohol & Ice Order and Delivery

Specialty Cocktail & Menu Design

Virgin Cocktail Design

Vendor Recommendations

Event Layout & Floor Plan Design

Bartending Services

Rental Item Consultation

Delivery & Pick Up Services

Martha's Vineyard Premier

Beverage Catering  Service


Our Bartenders

Each event is special to us whether it is a wedding or a small gathering with friends. That is why our team is made of the most experienced bartenders on the island. They come equipt with all of the tools needed to create the most absolutely delicious craft cocktails. Our staff are TIPS Certified trained professionals and will provide excellent customer service to all of your guests.

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